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        (1) Client survey (n=200).
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        Product Quality Improvement
        Supplier Performance Optimization
        Responsible Sourcing

        Whether you need to verify a production lot in the factory before shipment, identify and fix root causes for a recurring defect or want to make sure your product complies to safety standards, QIMA experts will help you secure your quality and compliance strategy.

        • Book onsite product inspections and lab tests online
        • Implement Quality Assurance program to minimize defects rate
        • Use QIMA Labs to test and certify your product safety and performance

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        Consumers want more than just good value for money. Protect your brand and build a better supply chain with QIMA supplier audit programs:

        • Ethical Audits
        • Environmental Audits
        • Structural Integrity Audits
        • C-TPAT Audits

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        Optimizing supplier performance is a key success factor for today's supply chains. QIMA can help roll out action-driven capacity building programs, from onsite audits to corrective action planning, training and improvement.

        • Manufacturing Audits
        • Supplier improvement
        • Supplier training

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        QIMA has quality and compliance experts for all consumer goods and food categories. With over 2,300 inspectors, auditors and lab experts, we can help you assess and improve your product and supplier quality and safety performance. Access hundreds of off-the-shelf customizable inspection checklists online, receive expert advice on your product safety requirements and improve supplier compliance at the source.



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        More Efficient Product Testing Program with Data-Driven Interventions

        Minimizing Missed Inspections to Streamline a Quality Control Program

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